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We Cookiers Express, Issue #004--Smiles are contagious too!
August 28, 2021
Hello again!

Smiles are contagious too!

Thank you to all who continue to risk their lives in the face of covid.

We certainly can’t forget doctors, nursing STAFF and school STAFF during this pandemic. Here’s some more people we seldom remember (these are hardly all of them):

-janitors/custodians are at the front lines as well. THEY are the ones who sanitize and try to keep the germs at bay for us.

-food service workers

-in-home daycare providers and centers

-retail workers

Granted, almost everyone works around it.

Oftentimes we are so busy with our own lives we don’t think so much about others and what they go through.

How about surprising one or a group of these workers with some ‘Thank you for your service’ cookies?

Smiles are contagious too!

There are many cookie decorating techniques. This link highlights more than a dozen. Be sure to check them out! Cookie Decorating Techniques

Today's Highlights

1. newest site page 2. cookie cutter flips 3. medical themed cookie inspiration 4. business sense 5. quick business tips

Newest Site Page

Are you wondering what the best cookie projector is? No one has the perfect answer for everyone. I can only tell you what works great for me.

I'll tell you the pros and cons of mine here: Projector for Cookies

Cookie Cutter Flips

Here’s a few of my own flips I thought up. Enjoy!

-clown head = Caduceus with flowers (medical insignia)

-crayon = thermometer

-construction vest = x-ray vest

-upside down tulip (stem cut off) = nurse head

-doctor bag = hospital monitor

(if you have an email with just html, you will not be able to see the photos).

Medical themed Cookie Inspiration

How about some inspo for a medical cookie theme?

Business Sense: marketing yourself

Here are 4 ways to get your name in front of the public:

1. Cross-promotion. Have a friend/acquaintance who has a different business exchange a handful of business cards with you. Make sure it’s someone you can trust, as you do not want to be promoting someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

2. Collect your customer’s emails and or addresses so you can send them your newsletter weekly/biweekly/monthly.

3. Piggyback. Make up pre-order forms. If you will be making cookies for one customer for a certain theme down the road, slip a pre-order form in with your present customer’s cookies as they pick them up.

4. Go for the ad-on sale. When a customer makes an order, let them know that you will be making ‘x’ themed cookies on ‘x’ date. If they would like to pre-order.

Quick Business Tips

1. When drumming up business, apply ‘AIDA’: attention-interest-desire-action. Draw attention with your remarkable and delicious cookies. Get them interested with what you have to say or samples. Make them desire them. Draw them into action. Even if the action is “How many should I put you down for?”

2. Reach for 5 promos a day. No matter how small the promotion is, even just collecting a phone #, if you take the time to promote your business 5 times a day, it can’t help but get you noticed and orders coming in.

How do you promote your business? Just pay attention to the We Cookiers Express Newsletters each month. You will always find ways by reading the section (above): “Business Sense: marketing yourself”.

3. Always be ready to show someone your work in person, whether it be photos in your cell phone or real photos in a mini album you carry.

4. One important thing to note. Make sure you have more than one way customers can pay you. For example:-cash- check-paypal-credit card, etc.

***I just started on Ko-fi. It's a place where artists go to grow. I would love to have you support me! Thanks ever so much. Support Me! Until next time.

Warm Regards,

"A man's reputation follows him throughout his life, yet precedes him wherever he may go."- Pepper Blair on Pinterest
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