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What projector for cookies should you use? There's no cut-and-dry answer. Everyone has their own opinion. I can only tell you what I have used for 4 years and have been delighted with.

I use the PICO projector for decorating sugar cookies, like this set:

The projector for cookies I use is the PICO projector. This plaque cookie was created using the PICO. It is quite easy to set up and use.

The PICO projector:

Image of PICO projector boxThe PICO comes well-packaged in a sturdy box.
Image of the side of the PICO box showing the ports it takes.Image showing the ports the PICO has.
Image showing the compatible media devices for the PICOImage showing the compatible media devices for the PICO.

Here is a picture of my set up...

This shows how the PICO projector can be set up.This is what the stand and Pico look like.

These trolley car cookies were made by using my Pico, as you'll see at the beginning...

Trolley cookies were made using a projector for cookies. I used the Pico projector to draw the lines before decorating.

About the PICO projector for cookies

I bought mine through Amazon.

By the way...

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I had used the mount stand, as shown in my photo above since I bought my Pico. However, I switched to a gooseneck mount. It's made my life so much easier.

The mount stand takes up table space and is awkward to move around. The gooseneck just stays where I have it, hovering over my workstation. You can bend and twist it in any way you choose. Just know that it is stiff.

I have included both here so you can read about them and take your pick. Either works great for a cell phone too if you do any video work with your sugar cookies.

Table Mount:

Image of table mount for Pico projector for cookies or cell phone

Gooseneck Mount:

Gooseneck mount for a pocket projector for cookies or a cell phone

Here is a video on how to set up your pico. Anita is so good at explaining it. It's not difficult at all, it's just that when something is new to you, you sometimes like to be shown. 

*Note, in the video she says it's for Apple products, but it's not just Apple. I have used it with a Toshiba laptop and an HP laptop. Both work great with the PICO projector for cookies.

Pros and Cons: PICO Projector for Cookies


  • display lighting is quite good
  • small, about the size of a cell phone (thicker)
  • projects very clear detail
  • life is 15,000 hours
  • rechargeable battery
  • mini digital video port, usb, sd and tf ports
  • built-in speaker
  • can go up to a huge projection on a wall and still be clear
Image showing the clarity of projection from the PICO onto the tabletopThis is the projection on the table top in the daytime. No light was on and it was quite light in the room. This image also shows the detail.

***Do you find this baby swan as adorable as I do? Wondering where to get free images that are also public domain? 

 This website is the answer for you!


  • need to purchase a mini HDMI cord separately (inexpensive though)
  • speaker isn't great, tinny sounding (there is a headphone area and an AV port though)
  • a bit pricey (as any projector is)

For me, the pros far out-weigh the cons.

Be creative and think outside the box! With a projector, you can even make royal icing transfers without using transfer sheets. Make sure to grab your 2-page download of Royal Icing Tips. This will ensure nothing goes wrong when using royal icing or glaze.

Show me how to use the PICO projector for cookies!

This is so simple. Once the projector is mounted, charged, and hooked to your phone, tablet, or laptop, just hold the on/off button down until the light turns green.

Go through and find the media device you are using with the arrows on the top of the PICO. With my computer, I only had to do this the first time.

Once your delicious sugar cookie (these two links will open in a new window for you so you don't lose your place: the best cookie recipe here) is iced with that mouth-watering royal icing, (superior royal icing recipe here, or if you need to use a glaze recipe, it's here) line it up under the projector.

The video above goes through this.

I usually use a #1S to #1 round/writing tip for thin letters and outlining real thick letters with consistency being between 10 and 12 seconds.

Not sure what 10 and 12-second consistency means? Refer to the page Royal Icing Flooding for understanding how thick or thin your royal icing should be.

I'll be uploading a video tutorial as soon as possible. Who doesn't love cookie videos?!

In the meantime, here are examples of some of my cookies where I've used the PICO coupled with the other game-changer, my airbrush system (very inexpensive PLUS you get 3, not 1, and much more included).

There's no end to sugar cookie decorating ideas!

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Now back to using a projector for cookies...

A round cookie with '40' written on it using a PICO projector for cookies
'A' monogram using the PICO projector for cookies
Elephant cookies piped by using the PICO projector
Izzie written with the PICO projector

Having equipment, like this projector for cookies, will enhance your sugar cookie business. It will enable you to charge more while at the same time showing professionalism. It will totally up your game.

Questions or just want to share your beauties with everyone? Drop them in the box below and include the story behind them!

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You now know about the PICO as one of the choices as a projector for cookies.

Next to learn about is Edible Cookie Images.

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