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We Cookiers Express, #0010---Eggs-cuse me…
March 01, 2022

Easter is just a hop around the corner.

Can you believe it?


What have you been doing to achieve your goals this last month?

It’s time (if you haven’t already) to start taking pre-orders for Easter.

Today's Highlights

1. newest site pages 2. Easter cookie cutter flips 3. Easter theme cookie inspo 4. business sense 5. quick business tips

Newest Site Pages

It’s been a busy month at WeCookier’s.

I have been able to write 3 new pages for you in the midst of a booked calendar for orders and this newsletter.

I’ll be adding more videos as soon as I get them edited. Here are the newest pages since last time…

Please be sure to share if you receive value from these pages...always appreciated!

1. Best Buttercream Frosting

This page is for those who prefer buttercream frosting over royal icing to decorate with. There’s a bonus on this page with an extra recipe!

Here's the link:

Best Buttercream Frosting .

2. Best Baking Sheets

If you are wondering if the more expensive sheets are the best to use, I share my experiences with several. You may be surprised.

Here’s that link for this page: Best Baking Sheets .

3. How to Bake Sugar Cookies

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are great rock-solid tips to use. Here I show you my stream-lined process and what works the best for me.

Link: How to Bake Sugar Cookies .

Easter Cookie Cutter Flips

1. caterpillar to row of Easter eggs

2. Christmas wreath to Easter wreath

3. upside down Frosty head to Easter basket

(if you have an email with just html, you will not be able to see the photos).

Easter Theme Cookie Inspo


Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. Put on an Easter egg hunt in a park. This is a great way to interact with the public on behalf of your business.

Have a bunch of cookies on a table for the parents with your logo/business info on them. Talk your husband or teen into dressing up like the Easter bunny wearing a t-shirt with your business info too.

2. Dress up (or have someone do it for you) like the Easter Bunny and wear an apron or t-shirt with your business logo. Take a big basket of cookies and walk Main Street handing the cookies out to people the week before Easter Sunday.

3. Did you know that 74% of customers rely on word of mouth in order to make a purchase.

That’s great incentive to get your name out there!

How? Send a physical thank you card to customers after a month. This keeps you in their mind and they are more apt to refer you because of your attentiveness to them. Remember to include your business card!

Quick Business Tips

1. Do you do drawings or raffles with your sugar cookie business? If so, people love to actually see the drawing being done before their eyes.

Download the free app: Spin the Wheel. There’s different visual wheels you can pick. Make a video showing you spinning the wheel for the winner. Doing this live is better!

2. Don’t be so self-indulged in your business that you don’t pay attention to what your competitor’s are doing. Do be focused on your own, but keep an eye out so you aren’t left in the dust.

How? The easiest way is to look into your facebook analytics each week to see what your competitor’s are posting and if something gets a lot of feedback, likes, or shares.

You do have a business facebook page, right?

3.Find a nice balance. Yes, you want great success with your cookie business. But you also need to take time for you and your family.

Believe me, burn-out is not fun. It robs you of strength and fire.

Make sure to set your limits. You will love you and so will your family!

***One final note, last month’s newsletter I got a little over-zealous with talking about my new WeCookier’s facebook page. There just wasn’t any time left to get that up and going like I planned.

I’m so sorry! I will definitely keep you up to date when it does officially go live. Thank you for understanding!

In closing, Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits.

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"A dream is not a waste of time as long as it is followed." Pepper Blair on Pinterest

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