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WeCookiers Express, #0028 Sept. 20-25 let's do it!
August 29, 2023

Decorated Cookies for Fall, but there's more!


It's been a long hot summer for so many. It's nearing one of my favorite seasons, fall. The temperatures cooling and the rustling of leaves...ah, I can almost feel it.

This newsletter will focus on decorated cookies for fall, PLUS...

This year, the fall equinox is September 23rd. But I'll couple it together with the week of September 20-25. It just so happens fall comes in the middle, so why not?

September 20-25 is International Week of Happiness at Work. Would decorated cookies for fall bring more happiness at work? Encourage your customers with pre-sales in the coming weeks. Their co-workers will appreciate it and get them in a cozy mood. My inspiration photo is below.

Today's Highlights

1. newest pages at 2. your question, my answer 3. cookie cutter flips #28 4. decorated cookies for fall inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips

Newest Page at

I've been a busy beaver this month with adding new pages!

1. A fun page for you is a Free Virtual Scavenger Hunt. This hunt offers all the free downloads on You simply follow the links to printable downloads, with my compliments.

Hopefully, your eyes will land on nuggets of information that help you with your own cookie business.

Free Virtual Scavenger Hunt

2. Wedding Sugar Cookies--this page makes clear everything you need to know about selling wedding cookies: price, bulk or individual bagging, using deep or dark colors, AND...a new free download!

Wedding Sugar Cookies

Your Questions, My Answer

Q: What makes my crusted royal icing or glaze look ripply or wavy on a cookie?

A: Two main reasons for this are: 1. the royal icing started setting up and you moved it without keeping it level or 2. If you placed the flooded cookies in front of a fan that blew too hard.

Here is my page to those kind of problems with answers:

Royal Icing Flooding

Cookie Cutter Flips

tooth to dinosaur

Easter egg with ribbon to egg holder

Christmas wreath to baby bib

Sorry, if you have an email with just HTML, you cannot see the photos.

(tap the image to go to my Cookie Cutter Flips page)

Decorated Cookies for Fall Cookie Inspo

Here are some decorated cookies for fall.

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. Although I get very little spare time, one thing I have picked up that is wonderfully relaxing to me is making wax seals. I just love how they turn out and can be arted up.

How about making some nice book marks and placing a wax seal on it. Leave them wherever you go, of course with your company info! The seal will give them a professional look and feel.

2. Sometimes a customer will invite you to a baby shower, wedding, birthday party, etc. GO! This is such a great way to spread your name. Always carry your business cards, bookmarks, and such, even order forms (just in case).

3. A few months ago, a large hospital reached out to me to make cookies with edible images of their logos. These cookies they give to their new doctors upon coming to town. I love doing edible images because they are professional yet saves me an incredible amount of time.

That has spurred me into choreographing my local business aimed at other companies to place their logos on cookies for their functions.

The point with this is...anything in your cookie business that you especially like doing, try to do more of it and let orders you do not care to do fade away. You'll be much happier and less burnt out.

Quick Business Tips

1. As you know by now, I'm highly organized. I do not know why I hadn't thought of it before, but when I have thick royal icing left over, (which I almost always do), I'm trying to make time after the order to use it to pipe some transfers to have for another time.

Since they last so long in an airtight container, I'm saving myself time and hassle later when I would need them.

2. Do you have an airbrush? I love mine! I don't want to be without it. However, clean-up takes a while. I recently began removing the air hose and taking it right to the sink to wash most of it out. Then I hook it back up and run white vinegar through it with another bowl of water. I've cut my time in half doing it this way!

3. One thing I like to do when I receive an order with inspiration pics, is I immediately write the order down in my appointment book, but I also save the image/s to my desktop in a folder. I name the folder something like 9_24_Shelley. I keep those folders in the upper right hand of my desktop. It helps me stay organized. I then delete the folder when the order has been picked up.
As always, I'll leave you with a thought from Pepper: "Fall never behind that which is in the way." Pretty powerful, right? I printed it off and hung it on my office wall as a reminder. It's saved me many times!

Site Sell's Video Tour--get to know them!

All my best,


Pepper Blair on Pinterest

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