Cookie cutter flips, creative, fun, and money-saving

Image of squirrel cookie cutter
Image of a squirrel cookie cutter flipped on side to show a dragon

Cookie cutter flips. Simply. No. End. Who doesn’t love embracing new ideas on what you already have? After all, cutters can be quite expensive!

(What is a frankencookie? What does morphing mean? 

Great questions! Keep scrolling to find out.)

That’s why I decided when publishing the WeCookier’s Express newsletter, that it would be a permanent feature. I’ve committed myself to design at least 3 cookie cutter flips to share each month in the newsletter. Easily over 95% are my creations, like the upside-down clown head to the caduceus (medical symbol) sugar cookie:

Cookie cutter flips using an upside down clown head to a caduceusUpside down clown head to a caduceus with flowers

As I’m filling orders, each time I pick up a cookie cutter, I briefly study it and turn it in different ways. Often my husband chimes in too.

Kids are the best at seeing things we don’t. Have them study your cutters, even make a game out of it on a rainy day.

I loved flipping the teddy bear cookie cutter into a winter penguin.

The image depicts the teddy bear cutter turned into a winter penguin with a scarf and earmuffs.Teddy bear turned to a winter penguin

How about the letter X into a pair of skis?

The letter X is flipped into a base for skis.'X' flipped into skis

Enjoy even more cookie cutter flips by clicking on this image link. There you will find cookie cutter inspiration flips.

Image link for Valentine's day sugar cookies that takes you to even more cookie-cutter flips!
Image of nursing cookie cutter flips

There is simply no end to cookie-cutter flips. It seems the longer you look at cutters, the more inspiration comes.

The arrow is a versatile one. This one below was from a cheap set of Valentine's cutters at Walmart (so is the 'X' flip above, it was a set of the  X&O). Hey, cheap is good!

The Valentine arrow is flipped into a winter temperature gauge.Valentine's arrow flipped to a winter temperature gauge

Have I placed you in the spirit of getting out your cutters and eyeing them yet? If so...

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Cookie cutter flips, the squirrel turned to dragon

The first flip I ever saw was totally by accident.

I was looking for a particular cutter and ran across one. I said, “I didn’t know I had a dragon cutter”. Lol. It was a squirrel cutter!

Funny when you first see a cookie cutter flip that you can’t un-see it.

Out of amusement, I posted it on a couple of Facebook cookie-cutter flip groups. It was a popular post and received nearly 600 likes and a couple of hundred comments.

Silly how simple things can make such a splash.

The video on how to decorate WeCookier's squirrel to dragon cookie will be up shortly. Sorry for the wait!

A cookie cutter flips can be a true flip or simply a way of using a cutter that wasn't for its intended purpose. For instance, the Valentine's arrow above. I also used it for Christmas arrows, like this:

The Valentine arrow being flipped into a Christmas direction signThe Valentine's arrow also was flipped into a Christmas direction sign

Just a matter of thinking outside the box. 

Cookie cutter flips and morphing

We all know what cookie cutter flips are, and the many ways to decorate them. But what is a Cookie Cutter Morph? What is a frankencookie?

Morphing means the same as a frankencookie. It is when you take 2 or more cutters and glue them together to make something.

How do you glue them? Easy! Take a paintbrush and brush with a little bit of water and paint the sides that are to be connected. Press them slightly. As they bake, they will graft together and become one.

Like my lemonade stands…

Two cookies cutters to make a morphed lemonade stand. Cookie cutter flips.morphed circus tent and mailbox with top half cut off

I simply cut the rounded part off of the mailbox and the indented sides of the tent I cut straight.

Image of cookie cutter flips for a lemonade stand theme

Sometimes morphing and a frankencookie can simply mean cutting off a little cookie dough here and there to make it the desired outcome, like the second lemonade stand above made from the front-facing school bus. I just cut the sides a bit.

Like this elf shoe turned to leprechaun boots. There was just a notch cut for the heal and I pushed in the tops a little...

Image of elf shoe for cookie cutter flips to leprechaun bootCookie cutter flip: turning the elf shoe to leprechaun boots
Cookie cutter Flips using elf shoe to make Leprechuan bootsUsing cookie cutter flips to make leprechaun boots out of elf shoes

Instead of cookie-cutter flips, make your own for cheap

If you do not have a 3D printer to print your own cookie cutters, like most of us, there is the option of making your own. Some cookiers faithfully make their cutters. Others will make them in a pinch.

Here is a link to Over there they show 3 ways you can make cookie cutters. I tried a couple of times. Evidently, I do not have the patience for anything but sugar cookie decorating and ideas!

Time to get those thinking caps on! I would totally love for you to drop your inspiration cookie-cutter flips in the box below. Show off your creativity to us. Tell us about your picture/s too.

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