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WeCookiers Express, #0032 Feeling like a fly in ointment?
January 02, 2024

Happy New Year!

This is the year! I'm going to do this. I have that planned. Oooh, and this is a must...

Every year begins with new intentions.

Have you been feeling like a fly in ointment lately?

Let's hold ourselves accountable this year, shall we? Instead of focusing on the big goals, let's make mini ones each week. Even reaching just one mini goal a week will empower you for the next.

Aren't you stoked to see how far you'll got in 2024?!

I'm excited about all of the new projects I have planned for you this year. This includes (among other things): online cookie classes, a master course, and a new and fresh commenting area on WeCookiers that ISN'T Facebook!

Stay tuned as all of the announcements will be coming through your email and YouTube videos.

Today's Highlights

1. newest products at WeCookiers Shop Gotta-havs! 2. your question, my answer 3. fireman themed cookie cutter flips 4. Valentine's Day cookie decorating, inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips

Newest Products at Shop Gotta-havs!

I've added more items to my shop. I excavated up a 6 pc set of dinosaur cutters with the embossers from Jurassic time! These are nice sized and great quality...

Want to see more about them so you can add smiles to those little faces? Well... Shop Gotta-havs!

Did you see my latest videos since Christmas?

WeCookier's Latest Videos

Your Questions, My Answer

Q: How do you know what silk screen fabric to use?

A: Any company is fine, you just need to make sure it is 110 mesh. What does that mean? That is how many squares there are in a square inch. If you go larger than that, it won't work very well.

Here is my page with the step by step video tutorial and supplies you will need for each step:

Making Silk Screen Cookie Stencils

Cookie Cutter Flips or Humorous Cookies

I had a huge fireman theme order to do. Between Santa's boot (because of coming off of Christmas) and the sweater cutter, it gave me the ideas!

sweater cookie = fireman jacket

ghost = flames

Santa boot = fireman boot

I'll have the video up next week for these flips.
Click on this image to see loads more cookie cutter flips on

Valentine's Day Inspo Photo

I am so sorry I couldn't do a Valentine theme inspiration photo. My mother is suffering from some major health problems, so my time has been quite limited lately. Thanks for understanding!

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. A couple of times through the years I have gotten on my person profile on Facebook. I made a post with a quality photo (could be of you or your cookies), and said something like 'Let's support everyone who has their own business, in any genre. Whoever has a business, share this to your page and add your own business information and photo.

Both times worked so well that friends were sharing it just to be nice. Totally worth it!

2. 'It's my birthday', 'It's my business anniversary' or 'Get to know me' party. Have a party for yourself, by ticket only, or reservation (so you know how many are coming). Invite the public, especially those who aren't your customers. Be prepared with refreshments, games, and your cookie biz literature. Post pics to your fb page afterwards!

3. Similar to this, you could throw a get-together for members of the community for an array of things you support. What about raising funds for the humane society, red cross, or whatever you believe in. Sell tickets and a portion of the money goes to those agencies. Make sure to have the media present when presenting the check to the foundation you choose.

Quick Business Tips

1. Keep a notebook at hand at all times to jot down ideas for cookie themes, or cookie flips you want to try.

2. Do you use a Cricut machine? I have for years. I always disliked the fact that the mat would be rather lose before loading and I would have to hold it in place until the machine took it.

I realized that they do sell an extender arm to place on it to remedy that problem. They are quite reasonable. Amazon sells them for under $10. Worth the price for me!

3. Do you heat seal cookies? The only downside to this is for the customer. They need scissors to open each bag. Here is a hack I saw online. Use pinking shears to cut the excess off. This way people can simply tear open the bag instead of using scissors. Brilliant! They need to be sharp pinking shears though. The pretty edged scissors do not work, I tried!

Get ready to knock all your goals out of the field when applying this Pepper Blair quote:

"First, we, we find...then, we climb our mountains."

Warmest regards,


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