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We Cookiers Express, #008---My apologies!
January 06, 2022

Apologies in Order...

Hello again. Before I dive in, I do want to apologize that this newsletter took a few more days to get to you than normal.

As a cookier, I'm sure you understand the harried holidays!

We now come to Valentine's Day decorating. As a cookie artist, we always have to stay ahead of the game (or at least try).


Today's Highlights

1.newest site page 2. Valetine’s cookie cutter flips 3. Valentine’s theme cookie inspo 4. business sense 5. quick business tips

Newest Site Page

Cookie Stenciling

Of the many sugar cookie decorating techniques, this page on cookie stencils covers your questions. Included is a free tutorial.

This page shows how to use royal icing with acetate/plastic stencils for that eye-catching raised royal icing look.

Come visit the page and please like and share. This helps me greatly be able to keep helping you. Thank you!

Cookie Stenciling .

. In case you missed it last time, be sure to grab your free cookie-themed cheat sheet. Run copies of this to place in a notebook. It will become invaluable to you!

Here's the link: Cookie Themed Cheat Sheet .

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter Flips

I can't take credit for the truck of hearts, just thought it was a cute idea. The wishing well and the love bug are my originals, never seen before. Enjoy!

-pill bottle to wishing well

-school bus to truck with hearts

-centipede to the love bug

(if you have an email with just html, you will not be able to see the photos).

Valentine’s Theme Cookie Inspiration


Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. Get a magnetic car sign, window decals, or bumper sticker made with your logo and contact info. Do you own a cricut or silhouette machine? You can do your own window decals or bumper sticker even!

2. Poster promotion. Offer a contest in a busy store for kids to make a poster of how they interpret your business. Perhaps they receive a free cookie for entering, which will inspire their taste buds.

The posters are judged by the public. The winner is presented cookies, gift cards, etc. Drum the contest up through different forms of media for attention.

3. Kids and chalk, they just go together.

Give your kids or kids you know a bucket of chalk and send them to the park. Have them write your business name and facebooki/Instagram url. They’ll have fun and you reap the rewards.

Quick Business Tips

1. Offer different order sizes. For instance, offer single cookies that are bigger than ones you would ordinarily place in a dozen. Offer sets of 3,4,6, too.

You very often can make much more on these than by the dozen.

2. If you are serious about a cookie business, you need to take tons of pictures and videos. People love them.

You will need a laptop or PC of some kind, that’s obvious. What is not so glaring is the need for a backup.

Although many use the Cloud, I prefer to use an external drive. I’m not a super techie person. When my laptop burned out after ten years, I lost EVERYTHING. It put me in a tailspin for quite some time. I learned my lesson! Don’t put it off. You will so thank yourself.

These days with so many internet interruptions and falling offline, the Cloud isn’t always at your fingertips.

3.Christmas is over for this year, but now is the time to start planning for next year.

Join a Christmas parade with an adorable cookie float!

If you are real ambitious and want to make a real splash, be the one who comes up with the idea of a parade and orchestrates it.

How about an Easter parade or any holiday? A lady in my community organized one for last year and it grew this year. It was intended for the elderly in nursing homes who were alone due to covid.

Okay WeCookiers, gather in those ideas for Valentine's Day cookies. Strive for the best set of decorated V-day cookies. You can do it!

As always, I'm so grateful for you! Blessings,

Support Me! ***Join me on Ko-fi. It's a place where artists go to grow. I would love to have you support me! Thanks ever so much. . For those who do html emails only, the quote in the image is this:

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