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WeCookiers Express, #0034 👶pop out the pacifier 🍼🐣
March 05, 2024

Pop out the Pacifier | Decorated Baby Shower Cookies


If you have been keeping up with me on YouTube, you see I've been busy with decorated baby shower cookies.

Are we in another baby boom? For the past 3 ½ months I’ve been inundated with baby cookie orders. Have you?

That’s just fine with me, as I love decorated baby shower cookies.

In my response to these orders, I decided to write more pages on These pages will cover ‘Baby Girl Shower Cookies’, ‘Baby Boy Shower Cookies’, and ‘Baby Shower Cookies’. Yes, I have my work cut out for me. I will begin with the baby girl ones. I’ll link it below.

Today's Highlights

1.newest site page at WeCookiers 2. your question, my answer 3. baby cookie-themed cookie cutter flips 4. baby cookies, inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips

👶 Newest Site Page at WeCookiers 🍼

The latest page is dedicated to decorated baby girl shower, soft, and everything sweet.

‘Baby Girl Shower Cookies’. What does it cover?

✔️ idea sets

✔️easy cookie decorating techniques

✔️popular baby girl shower cookie cutters & how to build your collection

✔️ new royal icing transfer templates for baby girl shower cookies in Shop Gotta-havs!

New Baby Girl Shower Cookies Page
Take me to the baby royal icing templates

There's still a little time before St. Pat's day, so if you are needing some last minute inspiration, this is the page I wrote with the last periodical (videos included):

Saint Patrick's Day Sugar Cookies

Did you see my latest videos?

WeCookier's Latest Videos

Your Questions, My Answer

Q: How do you keep cookies softer longer?

A: The key to keeping the cookies soft for longer is either freeze them or if they want to leave them in an airtight container on the counter, just add marshmallows. Bread is an alternative too. However, with bread, the cookies can soak up the wheat taste. Since marshmallows are sweet, there’s no worry with that.

Updated Cookie Projector Page

Cookie Cutter Flips or Humorous Cookies

I put my brain to work for some baby cookie cutter flips. I will be uploading the video for this flips to YouTube on Friday!

1. sunscreen tube cutter = diaper balm tube

2. pot of gold cutter = baby bath

3. skull cutter = baby girl summer dress

If your email is set to allow only html, you will not be able to view the photos.

Tap on this image to see plenty of my cookie cutter flips. Click on this image to see loads more cookie cutter flips on

Decorated Baby Shower Cookies, Inspo

Here is a soft and sweet set for a baby girl.

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. Do you upsell with your customers? One idea for you could be to tell them you are honoring the elderly in assisted living or nursing homes the week of ____ (fill in the blank). Tell them you are offering a single cookie packaged and they will be delivered with a note from your customer giving that person warm wishes.

2. This summer, go to the pool when it is about ready to close. You will see parents waiting to pick up their children. Casually strike up conversations with the parents. Gear the conversation to get your foot in the door for your business. Give them a business card with a link to your Facebook or Instagram, where you post consistently. This works even better after they see you there often.

3. WeCookier’s Rule of 5:

☑️Take some time to compile a list of ways you can promote your business. Make this list as long as possible. Now, everyday choose 5 of them. It could be as simple as a text, sending a postcard, or something more involved like setting up a pop-up shop. Providing you have a good product, WeCookier's promotional 'Rule of 5' WILL earn you more business inside of 6 weeks. Is it worth it? I challenge you to try it!

Quick Business Tips

1. Do you use royal icing transfer sheets? Here is a hack I developed. I pipe my transfers with the sheet in a sheet protector sleeve. After piping when they are still wet, I slide out the transfer sheet and slide the transfers onto my dehydrator rack. I place the dehydrator on the highest for 1 hour. After being brought to room temperature they are ready to place on the cookies. That’s it, in just 1 hour 10 minutes they are ready! No more waiting days to use them.

2. It should go without saying. But we live in strange times anymore. Just a few short years ago, one didn’t need reminded to be pleasant or nice. As business owners, this is a must…even if we do not get it in return. It’s fair to say that if we treat our customers businessy and too strict, that’s exactly how the customers will treat us. Be warm and engaging. You’ll see more return customers 😊

3. Did you know if you name files to be uploaded with the keyword in it that the algorithm of the social platform you use will put you in front of more people? For instance, name your file something like: decorated_baby_shower_cookies instead of png1.

This is one of Pepper Blair’s latest quotes. I just love it!

“Heaven must get weary of hearing hard-luck stories. So…if you choose to pray for me, pray for my hopes and dreams.” 🙏

I try to add one of his writings once a week on Pinterest. If you would like to make a board for Pepper’s writings or just want to pin this, here is the image url for Pinterest:

Pin Pepper's Quote ❤️️

My best to you. See you next month!


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