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Baby Girl Shower Cookies to Welcome the Sweet Little Bundle of Joy (with videos)

Baby girl shower cookies. You want the best. The kind that that makes them gasp and say ‘those are too pretty to eat’. You also want to make the sugar cookies unique. That could mean in theme, cookie decorating techniques  and/or popular colors.

I always want to make the cookies I decorate to be special. If I am given inspo pictures, I gladly take them. I tell the customer I am happy to emulate them. Emulate meaning to make them even better with my own special touch. I also explain that no two artists can be exact.

Follow along with this page as it reflects these key points:

✔️baby girl shower cookies, idea sets (this section)

✔️easy cookie decorating techniques for baby girl shower cookies

✔️popular baby girl shower cookie cutters & how to build your collection

✔️ new royal icing transfer templates for baby girl shower cookies

Let’s look at a few sugar cookie idea sets with my Superior Royal Icing—it really is superior—get the free download here: Superior Royal Icing Recipe. A great glaze recipe is here: Sugar Cookie Glaze Recipe

While you’re at it, grab my ‘Best Sugar Cookie Recipe’, as it also is a free download: Best Sugar Cookie Recipe.

Here are some of my inspiration photos. I will include under each photo where I got some of the cutters. After 1650+ cutters 😲, I lost track of the earlier ones!

See these baby girl shower cookies for inspo and techniques. See the most popular ones and view my royal icing transfer templates for baby girls too!

*As an affiliate, I may earn a small fee through some purchases throughout this page.

➡️Daisy cutter by Mike's Cookie Cutters on Etsy

This is the theme of 'brewery' for baby girl shower cookies. The round cutter was printed on with food color markers. See Shop Gotta-havs! for the beer mug cutter.

Food color markers were used as well as my cookie projector to make the round brewing cookie.

➡️Beer mug cutter, by Shop Gotta-havs! 

This is the decorating process for the cookies under the video.

Lovely and sweet, this 'Baby it's cold outside' winter theme set was easy and involved only 4 cookies, yet so impressive for baby girl shower cookies.

➡️Snowflake cutter (my favorite snowflake) from Walmart

These darling cowprint baby girl shower cookies by WeCookiers went viral on Pinterest! Though super simple, they are real show-stoppers! It's a wet-on-wet technique.These were my cookies that went viral on Pinterest!

Whether it's the wet-on-wet technique or other Cookie Decorating Techniques, like my cow cookies, you can prevent color-bleed--or at least drastically reduce it--by following this free 2-page download: Royal Icing Tips.

These pastel pink and white baby girl shower cookies were the perfect set to welcome the little miss. See more inspo, techniques, popular cutters, and RI transfer templates here!

If you want to know how to get the perfect base, or flood, follow along here: Royal Icing Flooding. 

➡️Baby girl onsie/romper cutter by Mike's Cookie Cutters on Etsy

➡️'baby' cutter by Mike's Cookie Cutters on Etsy

➡️Baby bottle cutter by Kaleidacuts on Etsy

These pastel pink and white baby girl shower cookies were the perfect set to welcome the little miss. See more inspo, techniques, popular cutters, and RI transfer templates here!

➡️Knotted baby nightshirt cutter by Mike's Cookie Cutters on Etsy

➡️Diaper cutter by Mike's Cookie Cutters on Etsy

➡️Pacifier clip cutter by Maison's Custom Cutters on Etsy

➡️'hello world' cutter by Yolis Yummies Supply on Etsy

➡️Mobile cutter by Country Kitchen Sweetart

➡️'BABY' word cutter, all uppercase by Mike's Cookie Cutters on Etsy

Look at the individual cookies. You may be inspired to shuffle the different cookie cutters and make your own set and add in your own cutters.

If you want to know how to make professional cookies, start with the basics and pick up these time-saving hacks on how to bake the cookies too.

I used royal icing transfers to make the above highland cows. Get the templates here: Shop Gotta-havs!

Baby girl shower cookies, simple decorating techniques


✔️edible images

✔️wet-on-wet technique

Airbrushing is my favorite medium in decorating. I always encourage newer cookie artists to make this be one of the top cookie decorating tools. Actually, my top 3 picks for tools would be these, in order ( I feel) of importance:

✔️food dehydrator (my page here talks a bit about one with a valuable video)

✔️projector for cookies. This is my most popular page and ranks about #3 on Google search too!

✔️airbrushing cookies. This is my page that teaches airbrushing for beginners. Also, see what I have and love. You get 3 airbrushes, colors, etc. for the price of one! I also include a cordless airbrush I have and totally fell in love with it instantly. Check them out here: Airbrushing Cookies

I digress!


So how can you make professional baby girl shower cookies? The #1 way is airbrushing. Period. There is something about airbrushing cookies that gives that polished and finished look. Nowadays, customers have come to expect it. Though you most definitely need to charge extra, as you spend money on this yourself.

Here are some examples. They look ‘finished’. Do you not agree?

Adding airbrushing to baby girl shower cookies is a great way to take them to a professional level and make them the star of the show! See more ideas, techniques, popular cutters & RI transfer sheets:
Baby elephants with pink bows are a delight for baby girl shower cookies. This cookie was decorated using an airbrush and a cookie projector. See more ideas + RI transfer sheets for baby showers:
Another idea for baby girl shower cookies includes a minimalist theme. A background airbrushed with gold, an outline, and a name written with a food color marker. More ideas, techniques, & RI transfer sheets:

These onesie cookies were airbrushed using stencils. Do you know how to make your own stencils yet? No? Well see here, it's a must for a cookier! Here you go, I show you a step-by-step video tutorial. Cheers: Silk Screen Cookie Stencils.

Adorable baby girl shower cookies can be achieved through airbrushing patterns. Add extra piping techniques for ruffles and necklaces. More ideas, popular cutters, & RI templates for babies here:

-edible images...

I would have loved to share with you some adorable baby photos on cookies I’ve done. The parents preferred not to have me post them, which I completely understand. It’s quite common to place either the sonogram picture or newborn ones if they have the shower just after.

Want to learn more about edible image copiers? Which is the best? Well here is my page answering a bunch of questions. Are you ready for one yet? Go see here: Edible Cookie Images.

You can’t get more personalized than a photo, right? Other than photos, I usually do not do edible images for baby cookies, but here is one I have done. Adorable, isn't it?

You can save loads of time making girl baby shower cookies with edible images and have them look professional too. More ideas, techniques, popular cutters, & RI transfer sheets for baby cookies:
You can do amazing decorating with easy-to-use edible images. They are so versatile and you can personalize sugar cookies as the customer chooses. See ideas, techniques, popular cutters & RI transfer sheets on 'Baby Girl Sugar Cookies' here:Baby animal clipart purchased through Esty

-wet-on-wet technique...

This is the easiest and quickest cookie decorating technique. With this idea, you only need the royal icing consistency to be the same across each color to help prevent color bleed. It is perfect for doing a design for the background of the cookie. However, it also can be the star of the show without any piping on top of it.

🆓Get my free 2-page download for hacks to prevent color bleed: Free download on this page

This decorated girl baby shower cookie has the wet-on-wet technique with roses in the background with BABY written with a pink food color marker. This page shows you a 7-comparison test I did between brands: Food Color Markers

Use any cutter for a baby name for baby girl shower cookies. The background is wet-on-wet with roses. The name was written with a food color marker. More techniques, cutters, & RI transfer sheets:
Wet-on-wet technique for this baby girl shower cookie with piped flowers. A cookie projector was used for the name. See more ideas, techniques, popular cutters, & RI transfer templates for babies:dotted background
The beautiful bow cookies. Perfect for baby girl shower cookies with royal icing. Wet-on-wet was used. The customer requested no flowers, which would have finished it off :/. More inspo:This is my favorite cutter of all time! I use it whenever I can. Super easy to decorate too!

Bow cutter by Sweetleigh Printed on Etsy. 

A sweet flower baby girl shower cookies. It shows the wet-on-wet-technique. See more inspo, popular cutters, techniques, and RI transfer sheets here:

Popular cookie cutters for girl baby shower cookies & how to build your collection

Here are just a few of the more popular cookie cutters that are most requested of my customers. I think you will agree they are precious.

*Some of these links may be affiliate links. That means I may earn a small fee through some purchases at no cost to you.

The baby elephant cookie cutter is forever a popular favorite!

➡️The elephant cookie cutter in the video can be found through Wella Cookie Cutters on Etsy.

Very popular, this bow cutter is the ultimate for baby girl shower cookies. Versatile, you can add your colors and flowers. More popular cutters, ideas, & RI transfers for babies here:

These 2 photos (up and down) were created using a cookie projector. If you would like to see the one I use, view this page for all of it's pros and cons to see if it is a good fit for you: Projector for Cookies.

The beautiful boho wicker bassinet. Perfect & easy for baby girl shower cookies. Customers are crazy over these! More ideas, techniques, popular cutters, & baby RI transfer sheets:

Are you wondering what piping tips to use in decorating? Here is a list of 6 main ones needed. If you have these, you can decorate virtually anything: Piping Tips for Cookies. By the way, what Baking Sheets are you using? See the ones voted 'Best Baking Sheets'.

➡️ bassinet cutter by Kaleidacuts on Etsy

Hello world! A cute cutter for baby girl shower cookies. More popular cutters, ideas, techniques, and baby RI transfers templates here:
A crib mobile cutter to top off your baby girl shower cookies. I added rabbits and stars from sprinkles. See more popular cutters, techniques, ideas, & baby RI transfer sheets:I used stars and rabbits from sprinkles on hand

When you are first starting a cookie business, there is usually little or no money extra to buy the real cute cutters. You’ve always heard the adage “Invest back into your business”. The question is how can you do that without cash in hand, right?

This is the way I went from 0 cutters to 1650+. I stopped counting, lol…and yes, it is addicting to buy them! Each time an order was paid and picked up, I put back $5 for every $20 I took in. As my business blossomed, so did my stash of cutters.

I also nosed around garage sales and second-hand stores and picked them up for pennies. People in the community would just give me a few here and there if they didn’t want them. Christmas time, yep, guess what gifts I would get! I’ve enjoyed the journey…and still am.

To sum up, here are the 3 ways I built my cookie cutter collection:

✔️saved $ from each order

✔️garage sales and 2nd hand stores

✔️gifts from others

✔️BONUS way, Facebook groups like buy, sell, trade ones

Royal icing transfers for baby girl shower cookies

Royal icing transfer templates, or sheets as some call them, are a must in your cookie decorating tools. You will understand why why you start using them.

The image reflects a collage of baby-themed royal icing transfer sheets/templates from Shop Gotta-havs!

We now come to royal icing transfers to place on the baby girl shower cookies. I’ve made up some sweet royal icing transfer templates in Shop Gotta-havs!

The pink bows on these elephants are the small bow transfers in my shop:

Elephant cookies with pink bow royal icing transfers

If you are new to transfers or want to read more here are the 2 links to those pages and my link to these cute transfers:

✔️royal icing transfers

✔️royal icing transfer sheets

✔️royal icing transfer templates (transfer sheets) (Instant download)

Top of Baby Girl Shower Cookies

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