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The We Cookiers Express, Issue #0021 matchmaking Cupid is at it again
January 31, 2023
Happy Valentine's Day!

Cupid is on the loose again!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day cookies? Are you doing presales or custom orders, or both?

At Christmas, I offered presales for large 2-cookie sets (you probably saw them in my December issue). It was the first time I had offered them and they were a huge hit! I’m going to offer it again for Valentine’s Day cookies, only in a 3-pack this time.

The inspiration photo is below.

Today's Highlights

1. newest page at 2. your question, my answer 3. cookie cutter flips 4. Valentine cookie inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips

Newest Pages at

Piping Tips for Cookies:

This is a well-requested page that shows all of the main icing tips you need to decorate sugar cookies, along with what designs each on makes. I’ve also made a long-awaited video tutorial. You will see that on the page with a lot of pictures.

Click this link: Piping Tips for Cookies In case you missed my newest page last issue, here it is again...

Royal Icing Transfer Sheets

This page shows a wonderful hack I came up with to save those fragile transfers from breaking so easily. I also did a video for you. There's other great information too! Click this link:

Royal Icing Transfer Sheets

Your Questions, My Answer

Q: Why does my royal icing made with meringue powder separate and become very thin after freezing?

A: There are two possible reasons. 1.) the kind of meringue powder you use. 2.) if you make your royal icing as thick as possible but still able to flood, it helps to not get so thin after it is thawed. I quit using Wilton meringue powder a long time ago, as it seems to contribute to this problem.

Cookie Cutter Flips

hot air balloon- Valentine’s hot air balloon

double hearts- box of chocolates

cloud-lovebirds on highline wires

Click the image to be taken to the Cookie Cutter Flips page.

(Sorry, if you have an email with just HTML, you will not be able to see the photos).

Valentine's Cookie Inspo

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1 I have elaborated on having your logo on t-shirts as you are in public. A twist on that is simply putting ‘Ask me about ordering cookies’ or something like that, with your logo. You would be surprised how many people will light up the conversation while waiting in line at the store. Try it!

2 Business cards are invaluable still today. Order up a bunch of those mini calendars and glue your business card on the top.

3 Hand out postcards. Yes, I’ve mentioned this before. But this time, print a calendar month on it and populate a date that will be a cut-off day for ordering cookies.

Quick Business Tips

1 Have you delved into doing cookie classes or parties yet?

Wondering what they use to place the cookies on for decorating and taking home? I use those plastic serving trays as fast-food places use. I got them from Amazon. They give them room to spread out without cramping their space to decorate. After the sugar cookies are decorated, we place them on a small baking sheet. These are metal ones sold through Dollar Tree. You can order them online to make it easier. For just $1.25, the customers feel like you are giving them a gift. They love them!

2 You may use a sugar cookie recipe that does not call for cream cheese. Mine does. It adds a special just-the-right-bite flavor .If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the link below will take you to the page it’s on.

I rarely look at the refrigerated section in Dollar Tree. My mom was telling me they sell cream cheese for their $1.25 price. After all this time I could have been saving so much money. That’s about 50 cents less per 8 oz than I'm used to spending at Walmart!

best-sugar-cookie-recipe.html 3 I’m a highly organized person. Being so, near the first of each year, I go through my baking area and studio decorating room to rethink how it could be handier for me. I rearrange it accordingly. Anything to make my work more smoothly and save time. Hopefully this is a tidbit you can use too.

Happy Sweetheart's Day! Nita
Love poem by Pepper Blair:

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