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WeCookiers Express, #0035 🌷Bloom where you are planted🌻
April 02, 2024

Spring Sugar Cookies to Brighten Your Day


Hello! Now that we’ve hopped over Easter, I’ll introduce a sweet set of spring sugar cookies.

I realize your time is precious so I'll try to make this relatively short but packed with great information!

Today's Highlights

1.latest site page at WeCookiers 2. your question, my answer 3. humorous cookie cutter flips 4. spring sugar cookies, inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips

Latest Site Page at WeCookiers

Wow, Easter was just as busy on orders as was Christmas. I was so consumed there was no extra time for a new page. In case you missed it from last periodical...

‘Baby Girl Shower Cookies’. What does it cover?

✔️ idea sets

✔️easy cookie decorating techniques

✔️popular baby girl shower cookie cutters & how to build your collection

✔️ new royal icing transfer templates for baby girl shower cookies in Shop Gotta-havs!

New Baby Girl Shower Cookies Page
Take me to the baby royal icing templates

Hoping for the Baby Boy Shower Cookies page, at the least, this month!

Did you see my latest videos?

WeCookier's Latest Videos

Your Questions, My Answer

Q: Why do my sugar cookies turn out on the tough side in texture?

A: One word answer: Over mixing It’s the eggs really that are over-mixed. You always want to get them just until mixed into the sugar and emulsion. When adding the flour and salt at the end (if you are using my sugar cookie recipe), place the flour and salt the egg, sugar, and emulsion, again, just until incorporated and no longer.

Updated Cookie Projector Page

Humorous Cookie Cutter Flips

This time I’m combining the flips cookies with the humorous cookies!

Instead of the regular photo, I’ll send you right to the video on my flips page. This famous little cartoon character, with his pal, has been a delight for ages.

Remember the J-O-Y cutter set I did at Christmas?

Well, when I got the set I couldn’t ‘un-see’ the little character in the ‘O’. I finally took time to make him. Bonus: I used the same ‘O’ cutter for his pal, only upside down! Take a gander, they turned out real cute! Here's the link: Cookie Cutter Flips Galore!

Spring Sugar Cookies, Inspo

If your email is set to allow only html, you will not be able to view the photos.

Inspiration cookies? Of course, they have to be spring sugar cookies!

Here is the video for them I just uploaded:

Spring Sugar Cookies Video!

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. Stay organized, a must!

2. Be flexible with your customers, but don’t let them be in control of your time

3. Always add a personal touch, whether it’s an extra cookie, or a sincere ‘thank you, I appreciate you’ hug. I’m probably known as the cookie hugger lady in my town. People love hugs!

Quick Business Tips

1. Have you ever dipped your sugar cookies instead of flooding them by hand? If you have been tempted to, just know that you need a firm cookie, it can’t be soft or it will fall apart with the weight of the icing.

2. Did you know that adding too much flour to your cookie dough will cause the baked cookies to puff more? Also, that eggs, sugar, and butter will make them more chewy? There is a happy balance. It’s a science, so make sure to follow your recipe for the best benefit.

3. Aluminum baking sheets that are light colored are the best over dark pans, as dark ones will cause more browning on the bottoms. Also, make sure to use parchment paper for easy clean up and to help prevent those brown bottoms!

Pepper's latest quote:
"Transcendence kisses gravity goodbye."

I try to add one of his writings once a week on Pinterest. If you would like to make a board for Pepper’s writings or just want to pin this, here is the image url for Pinterest:

Pepper Quote, Transcendence

Have a beautiful spring. See you next month!


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