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WeCookiers Express, #0037 👔👨️⛳️🎣For Dad🎣⛳️👨️👔
May 30, 2024

Dad...Our Biggest Heros


Did you survive the graduation rush? I got the new strain of covid and had to cancel my orders. I was so bummed! I have the greatest of customers and they were all so kind, thankfully.

Onto Father's Day...

As I'm still bouncing out of being sick, I had been too weak to do much. I did manage using some of the pre-cut graduation cap cookies that were in the freezer for 'flips'. You will see them below.

Today's Highlights

1. your question, my answer 2. cookie cutter flips 3. sugar cookies for Father's Day, inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips Here is the link to my last page:

Baby Boy Shower Cookies page

Take me to the baby royal icing templates
Be sure to see my Father's Day page here:
Father's Day Cookie Ideas

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Your Questions, My Answer

Q: What cookie boxes do you use?

A: My favorite place to buy quality boxes is BRP Box Shop. They are highly rated among bakers. I get the 1/4 sheet cake boxes, and order 2 different depths. This is how I box the cookies... 1. place tissue paper then wax paper in the bottom 2. place 4 medicine cups upside down and put 1 dz cookies in 3. If it is 2 dozen cookies, I then place a thick cardboard pad with another wax paper sheet on top of the medicine cups 4. Put the 2nd dozen cookies on it

I order the 2 different depths of boxes because the 2 1/2" deep perfectly holds 2 dozen/2 layers.

The 4" deep box holds 3 dozen/3 layers. If I have an order for 4 dz, I use 2 of the 2 1/2" deep boxes. I also bake cakes and this gives me the ability to have decorations that set higher on the cake.

These are not affiliate links. Just copy and paste if you are interested:

14" x 10" x 2 1/2"

14" x 10" x 4"*Bjkk

See the dehydrator I use on my Royal Icing Page here
This is the cookie projector I've used for years.
Cookie Projector Page

Cookie Cutter Flips

Just one this time, sorry! -floral cap to (upside down) fishing scene using an airbrush. The full video for this and a golfing scene will be released Friday at 7 pm on YouTube.

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Take me to Cookie Cutter Flips Galore!

Sugar Cookies for Father's Day, Inspo

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One lady ordered cookies with a pancake theme. Her dad LOVES pancakes. These were the easiest cookies I think I've done in 10 years!

I airbrushed blank cookies brown (you could also 'paint' the brown on with water coloring or sugar syrup with color), and drizzled royal icing "butter" and real syrup over them. Then squeezed a dollop of thick royal icing on top.

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. Do you use polling questions on your followers on social media? The algorithms love it. It causes engagement and builds a relationship with your followers.

2. This is something I recently came up with. You always want to over-deliver and stand above your competition. Take your logo and turn it into a coloring page. If there is artwork with the cutters you used (like digital images for the cutters you bought), add them to the editor below then print them off. You could add a few new crayons for your customer's kids. There are places online you can do this for totally free here:

3. Email marketing. With each order, you should be asking for their contact info, emails need to be taken too. When you have a pre-sale or something special to sell, send them an email. You may be surprised how well this works!

Quick Business Tips

1. Did you know you can put granulated sugar and cornstarch in a blender and make your own powdered sugar? 1 cup sugar + 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Blend at high speed until powdery.

2. Did you know you can make your own edible dusting powders? For instance, making pink cheeks. 2 ingredients: powdered sugar and food color gel. Take a spoon or two of powdered sugar (confectioner's sugar) and however many drops of food color you like. I place mine in a coffee grinder that I use only for this. Once nice and powdery, it's ready!

3. For my metallic luster dust, I keep two bags that zip. Each bag holds 3 sizes of paintbrushes, one bag silver, one bag gold. Since it never goes bad, they are always there. I never have to worry about not washing all the metallic color out and I get streaks in water coloring or whatever.

Pepper's latest quote:

"Altitude is infinite. Never stop ascending."

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Business Quotes by Pepper Blair

All my warmest wishes, Nita

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