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Baby boy shower cookies that will give you authority as a cookier

Baby boy shower cookies, a must at baby celebrations.

I’ll lay out what this page covers:

-baby boy shower cookies, idea sets/inspiration to get your brain creating (this section)

-cookie decorating techniques for these special little people

-popular baby boy shower cookie cutters and where to get them

-get your unique and time-saving royal icing templates for baby bow shower cookies

Onto some inspiration. As you know, the beauty is making your own sets with cutters and the requested colors. However, feel free to copy any of the cookies if it’s your desire❤️.

*Under each photo, I'll provide where I got some of the key cookie cutters.

If you are used to buying from Etsy, you know the shipping will hit you if you're not careful. I try to be loyal to my favorite shops. But I find it advantageous if  I want a particular shaped cutter to go to another of my favorite shops and do price and shape comparisons to try to buy all the cutters I want from just one shop each time I order.

So check around if you are interested in the cutters. Maybe one shop will have the same type in slightly different shapes. 

Baby boy shower cookies. This image shows the theme 'Tiny Human Shindig' with boho flair.

➡️elongated hexagon on Etsy

➡️boho bassinet cutter on Etsy

➡️knotted nightshirt on Etsy

➡️baby cutter on Etsy

This image depicts a set of sheep-themed baby boy cookies done in royal blue and white, as the customer requested.

➡️hello world cutter on Etsy

➡️Sheep face cutter on Etsy

➡️Baby lamb, setting on Etsy

➡️Baby rattle cutter on Etsy

➡️Pacifier clip cutter on Etsy

This is a western-themed cookie set for a sweet baby boy's shower. This set was a very large order consisting of numerous cookie cutters used.

➡️boho palm leaf with florals on Etsy

➡️cowboy hat on Etsy

This image is of a mountain theme for a baby boy shower. It includes 5 shapes.

➡️3 mountains cutter on Etsy

Baby boy shower cookies in light navy, white, and gray. This is a hot air balloon and rainbow theme with teddy bears. The name plaque is an edible image.

The teddy bear cutters were the cheap plastic ones in the big Wilton cutter sets of animals.

The rainbow cutter is an old metal one that I've no idea where it came from now. If you would like a cute rainbow with clouds cutter that is much cuter with character, I do have them in my shop: Rainbow cookie cutters

The hot air balloon cutter I got through Bobbi's Cutters on Etsy. Though all of her cookie cutters are quality, and I list her as one of my favorite shops,  this one is very basic and I feel you would be much happier with a prettier design from somewhere else.

Dinosaur-decorated baby boy shower cookies. I used my pico projector for the bones.

Sorry, I do not have a link for the cute dinosaur set. I've had them for eons! However, I do have the large full set of dinos here.

Baby boy shower cookies: don’t leave behind these decorating techniques

Here are some examples of sugar cookies with different techniques we often overlook.

☑️Edible cookie images

It goes without saying. Using these images saves so much time. An edible image does not have to take up the entire cookie either. On this cookie, I could have simply cut out the big balloon and pasted it on with a very thin layer of light corn syrup (any brand will do).

Edible image of a hot air balloon for a baby boy shower cookie set.

Silicone molds

The little raccoon on this cookie was made by using fondant. However, molding chocolate, even poured chocolate into a mold works great. I love that it adds such a 3D look.

This was 2 techniques. I also used my airbrush to stencil on the background.

A fondant raccoon on a cookie for a woodland baby boy shower theme.

Cookie Stenciling

Whether it’s a thicker consistency royal icing on top of the base coat with a cookie stencils, or airbrushing cookies (or use edible markers), you can’t go wrong. You know how I go on about airbrushing enhancing cookies. It’s how you make professional cookies!

Piped woodland animals for a baby boy shower theme. I stenciled on the background with an airbrush.

Food color markers

Don’t underestimate the power of edible food color markers. They can be the entire decorating instead of piping, which saves loads of time! See my 7 comparison brands of food color markers here.

Baby boy shower cookies. This cute baby sloth was simply drawn on using a food color marker with a border around the cookie.
This cute baby sloth was simply drawn on using a food color marker with a border around the cookie. I piped a blue pacifier in its mouth for depth.
I used food color markers to draw a sweet sloth for this baby boy shower cookie. A piped pacifier in its mouth was added for depth.

Wet-on-wet technique

There is nothing simpler than this technique. In this image the leaves are and white background were the same consistency. Make sure the royal icing consistencies are the same or the lighter color will pull the darker color into it.

By the way, get my free Superior Sugar Cookie Icing recipe. You'll see why it is superior

Oh, baby plaque with palm leaves. I used the wet-on-wet technique.

Royal icing transfers

With these sugar cookies, I used my royal icing templates and made the bananas and coconuts. You can get all the baby boy royal icing transfer sheets in Shop Gotta-havs! in the last section.

Have you downloaded the Best Sugar Cookie recipe? HERE IT IS!

Jungle theme set for baby boy shower cookies. I piped the animals instead of using shapes. Royal icing transfers were used for the coconuts and bananas.

Popular cutters for baby boy shower cookies

Want to know what the trending and popular cookie cutters are right now? Here are a few:

So cute, right? Change the color to pink and it's great for any baby girl shower cookies too!

Blue pacifier with rubber duckie royal icing transfer from Shop Gotta-havs! royal icing templates

➡️Pacifier cutter from Etsy

Oh my, isn't he the cutest?! He's easy, fun, and versatile! This cutter can easily be turned into a baby girl too.

A sweet baby boy cookie cutter playing with a rubber duckie, which is a royal icing transfer from a template from Shop Gotta-Havs!

➡️Baby boy cookie cutter

The baby bottle may not be 'trendy' but it is always popular. I have 3 bottle cookie cutters. (I get bored with the same cutters each time).

Baby boy bottle cookie cutter with a rubber duckie royal icing transfer.

➡️Baby bottle cutter on Etsy

Royal icing transfer sheets for baby boy shower cookies

These royal icing templates are completely unique made by Shop Gotta-havs! You will not find them anywhere. You can grab all of them in my shop (including the bananas and coconuts from above) here:

Click on images for the digital transfer sheets

This image is an example of what the double coconut template looks like.
An example of WeCookier's royal icing transfer sheet of double bananas.

There is a tab on my shop that says 'Royal Icing Transfers'. There are more baby boy templates there too!

I hope this page has helped and inspired you! 

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