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WeCookiers Express, #0036 👩‍🍼💐#1 Easiest way to make Mother’s Day cookies🌹🌺
April 30, 2024

Mother’s Day cookies and all things beautiful…


Are you heading up for a busy busy month? I sure am! Between regular orders with birthdays, weddings, and baby showers, I’m fitting a load of graduation cookies (+ cakes and cupcakes) and sugar cookies for Mother’s Day. It’s like the Christmas rush all over again! But hey, I’m not complaining. I’m very grateful 😊.

Take a deep breath and let’s hit it…

Today's Highlights

1.latest site page at WeCookiers 2. your question, my answer 3. cookie cutter flips 4. sugar cookies for Mother's Day, inspo photo 5. business sense 6. quick business tips

Latest Site Page at WeCookiers

Here is the new page of 'Boy Baby Shower Cookies'. This page consists of:

☑️idea sets for baby boy shower cookies (of course)

☑️easy decorating techniques

☑️popular baby boy cookie cutters

☑️my new royal icing transfer templates for baby boys

Baby Boy Shower Cookies page

Take me to the baby royal icing templates
In case you missed the 'Girl Baby Shower Cookies', here is the link to it. New Baby Girl Shower Cookies Page

Did you see my latest videos?

WeCookier's Latest Videos

Your Questions, My Answer

Q: I'm scared my cookies will dry out if I use a food dehydrator. Can you offer some insight?

A: I certainly can! I've been using a food dehydrator to crust the royal icing on my cookies for going on 5 years now. I, too, had that fear for so long before I took the plunge.

As always, I can only speak for my own sugar cookie recipe. No. Your cookies will not have a smidgeon of proof they have warmed their little bottoms in the dehydrator!

My dehydrator trays hold 12-15 3"-4" cookies. I generally have 3 + trays. When I flood a tray, I place them in the dehydrator for 30 minutes. As one tray is in, I flood another tray. Usually when the first tray is done, it's perfect timing to place the next one in.

I then begin doing the next color, layer, or lettering. When an entire tray is done, I pop it in again for another 15 minutes. If I have more piping, I'll place it in for another 15. The cookies in total will be in for 1 hour.

*As a precaution, I always have teflon sheets on the racks under the cookies. Couple that with the icing on top, no they will not dry out.

I accidently had a set of cookies stay in the dehydrator for 2 1/2 hours a couple of weeks ago. I was sooo worried. When I bit into one after it came to room temperature, I just knew I was in trouble. NOPE! They were still so soft. Not even the sides were dried. I was super impressed.

See the dehydrator I use on my Royal Icing Page here This is the cookie projector I've used for years. Cookie Projector Page

Cookie Cutter Flips

-cloud to windy cloud? Does this count?🤔

-popcorn cutter to outside floral scene

-beaker to floral bouquet

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Take me to Cookie Cutter Flips Galore!

Sugar Cookies for Mother's Day, Inspo

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Here's the easy sugar cookies for Mother's Day I promised. Simply take the platter cookie tray. Flood all the cookies white. Airbrush the stripes. Use the 'I Love You Mom' cookie cutter from Shop Gotta-havs! Then place all your beautiful piped florals on top.

View the full video on YouTube in the link above.

Business Sense: marketing yourself

1. The first thing with a business is making your customers happy and returning to YOU. In doing that, you need to stay ahead of your competition. Make them loyal to you. How? I do not always succeed, but I do try to keep homemade mints on hand. I like to make different flavors of them. These stay in the freezer for the longest time. When I make a batch, I place 10 in a heat-sealed bag and put them in an airtight container in the freezer to protect the shape. These are incredibly cheap to make and super tasty! I include a bag with the order. I do get quite a few orders for just the mints doing this.

However, these are not the kind you press into molds and they take hours. Not at all. Same recipe, only put it in the mixer and pipe the mints out with a star shape. Pop them in the dehydrator for 1 hour and overnight and they are ready! The recipe can be found on YouTube. Just search ‘piping mints’.

2. Are your cookies special? Whatever there is special about them, i.e. size, thickness, texture, taste, etc., expound on that to the public. That shows yours are above and beyond that of your competitors.

3. On your Facebook business page (I’m glad you have one), each time you get a nice review, re-post it in your feed, thank that person. Word of mouth goes a long way! I would even go as far to ask in the post for reshares.

Quick Business Tips

1. Stand firm on your prices. NEVER let anyone talk you down, not even once. You will be taken advantage of and it will put you in a bad mood. Therefore, doing that order will take forever just because you’re upset about it. (Don’t ask how I know!)

2. If you have several to a lot on your plate to get done, make sure to do the hardest/most taxing items first. It will really bolster you. By the time you get down to the end task/s, you’ll slide right through them!

3. No matter the itineraries I keep and daily planner, I almost always get bogged down. This is something I consistently faulter at and re-learn every few weeks:

Take short breaks throughout the day. Go for a brisk 5-minute walk. Do stretches outside the office or work area. Go lie down in the quiet, away from everything.

I find I am incredibly more productive by the end of the day. Why can I not keep doing this…sigh.

Pepper's latest quote:
"Truth is the pulse of the universe."

I try to add one of his writings once a week on Pinterest. If you would like to make a board for Pepper’s writings or just want to pin this, here is the image url for Pinterest:

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Have a beautiful and Happy Mother's Day! If you have a graduate (or a graduate yourself), a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!

All my warmest wishes, Nita

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