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Airbrushing cookies...

Airbrushing cookies is quite easy, as you see. Let's talk about the airbrush system next.

The image shows airbrushing cookies using baseballs. The threads and the 'dirty' part are with airbrushing.Airbrush the red threads then airbrush the dirt on the baseballs.

The first step in airbrushing cookies (I like to deem it art-brushing) is deciding on the airbrush system.

Ah, decisions, decisions.

After scouring reviews on so many brands, it can be quite daunting and can seem even more confusing.

I’ve only had one system since I began airbrushing sugar cookies (and cakes). It has served me so well. Never a glitch. I highly recommend the PointZero Airbrush Decorating Kit.

Several years ago I bought mine for $130. Guess what? The prices have come down!

It comes with THREE airbrushes and 12 bottles of Chefmaster food colors to get you started. For the most part, I do prefer Amerimist airbrush colors by Americolor due to their vibrancy. However, Chefmaster is a close second.

Included are both single AND dual-action styluses. Let's not forget the compressor, hose, jars, handpiece, etc.  

Here is what I purchased...

PointZero Airbrush Cookie Decorating Kit - 3 Airbrushes, Compressor, and 12 Chefmaster Colors
9.5/10 WeCookier's Golden Cookie Award!
  • Professional-grade: The kit features the PZ-260, PZ-258, and PZ-276 airbrushes; a premium-quality set ideally suited for creating a variety of spray patterns, from fine detail to wider coverage. Kit also comes with an Elite-125X compressor that delivers excellent power (1/5 HP) with very little noise (55 dB).
  • tap to read the details and what comes with this amazing and quality set!
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After years of using this airbrush I tout about so often, I purchased this gorgeous cordless airbrush. Just wow. I'm so crazy about this little gem. It is perfect for airbrushing cookies. 

I've seen a few cookiers around the internet with them. But I always thought they couldn't work as well as the air-hose kind. Boy, was I wrong!

This cordless will cost about 1/3 of the price of the regular ones. The only thing I need to test yet is how long it will take before recharging. I will be back to update you on this.

I airbrushed these thank you cookies in a breeze. 

It is super good quality. Do I sound excited? I am!

However...I still love my regular one and will continue using it for big orders and when I have more time when decorating sugar cookies.

Airbrushing cookies with a cordless airbrushStars done using a cordless airbrush
Airbrush-Kit Rechargeable Cordless Airbrush
9.5/10 WeCookier's Golden Cookie Award!


  • Airbrush with battery
  • USB Faster Charging & Longer Working Time: The airbrush gun comes with a USB charging cable
  • Package include 1Liquid Extraction Dropper, 5 Spray Gun Cleaner,5 Wash Needles,3 Kinds of Capacity CupsUSB Charging Cable, a User Manual, A Pink Art Airbrush gun
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Airbrushing cookies using a cordless airbrush. The stars in the cookies were airbrushed.
Pinterest pin showing a cordless airbrush and airbrushed cookie with stars.

Airbrushing cookies: Step 2, respirator mask…

It’s important to wear a respirator mask while airbrushing sugar cookies. You may not think it necessary, but your lungs will thank you over time.

Take a look at how much is in the filter. Can you imagine breathing all that sticky gunk through your lungs? That's just the right side, too. 

The image shows a dirty filter from airbrush food color mist that needs to be changed out for a new one. Protect your lungs!

These are the filters I order for the 3M 6001 respirator, in a 6 count box. They last a long time.

Image of respirator filters needed for the 3M 6001.Filters for the 3M 6001 respirator

This is the respirator I bought years ago. I'm very pleased with it.

Image of the 3M 6001 respirator I use for airbrushing my sugar cookies.
3M Performance Paint Project Respirator
9.5/10 WeCookier's Golden Cookie Award!

About this item

  • NIOSH-APPROVED OV CARTRIDGE WITH P95 FILTER filters at least 95 percent of solids and liquid aerosols as well as certain organic vapors
  • OIL PROOF P-series particulate filter (Use according to manufacturer’s time use restrictions when oil aerosols are present)
  • SOFT, THERMOPLASTIC FACESEAL for excellent comfort
  • DURABLE DESIGN for lasting wear
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

Onto sugar cookie decorating ideas with an airbrush...

Airbrushing cookies: Step 3 Perimeter shading…

You naturally need some delicious baked cookies that have been iced with the superior sugar cookie icing and allowed to dry. If you are a glaze icing person, here is a link to a super recipe!

You now have your artist palette to begin airbrushing.

Place the cookie on a paper towel that is on a turntable, if you want one.

Hold the airbrush at a slant.


I use two sizes of turntables for cookie-ing:

  • an actual cookie turntable (about 4") under the cookie while decorating
  • a larger (about 8") one for airbrushing

The larger one I bought at Dollar Tree--was just a cheapy.

This way, I can place a paper towel over it and able to turn it nicely when airbrushing around the edges of the cookie.

Test the spray by pressing the lever down over a paper towel to get the feel of it. When you are comfortable with the pressure, move over the cookie and go around the shape.

Make a second or third swipe if you want a darker color.

Airbrushing cookies with stencils…

This image is of an airbrushed party hat. Airbrushing was done using a square of 110 silk screen mesh and a thin striped acetate stencil.

Stencils are also easy.

First, though, you need this incredibly easy tip (speaking of tips download a free 2 page tip list for royal icing here):

Get some silkscreen material, 110 mesh. Place this on the stencil in your holder to prevent that over-sprayed look. Believe me, this is a game-changer. 

By the way, you can make wonderful displays of airbrushed cookies with cookie bouquets.

Below, the bunny is a royal icing transfer made from a royal icing transfer sheet.

You can use a cookie projector like mine and physically pipe the design, but airbrushing makes it so fast.

Image showing the difference of airbrushing with and without silkscreen mesh.Be sure to use a 110 silkscreen mesh for airbrushing!
Airbrushed sugar cookie that illustrates using a silk screen to give a cleaner and sharper look.

As a side note, I discussed here why you should not use airbrushing to make PYO Cookies.

Okay. Ready for stenciling?

Fill your cup on the handpiece no more than 1/2 way with the color.

Now, unlike the perimeter shading, hold the handpiece as straight up as you can without letting the color spill out. Again, get a feel of the pressure by spraying on the paper towel then edge onto the stencil set up. Spray the stencil, filling in the areas.

Always go light. If you want a deeper/darker color, spray again after it’s dry. Keep spraying and leave time for it to dry for as dark as you wish. The color will dry surprisingly fast between sprays.

Lift the stencil off.


Amazing huh? Great job! How addicting is this?

Airbrushing cookies with overlapping colors

Rainbows, fish, clouds, and grass, etc.

Rainbows are great because instead of spraying out 7 colors, you only need 3. The primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. You won’t even need to rinse out your airbrush in between switching colors.

If you are spraying multiple colors, start with the lightest color to the darkest colors. After each color, all you need to do is spray out what’s left in the cup, then add the next color without rinsing the cup out.

An important link you will want to bookmark is disassembling the airbrush to clean and reassemble. Here's that link: Cleaning Your Airbrush 

I will be making my own videos on this. Stay tuned!

What about airbrushing paint-your-own cookie stencils? Certainly doable and looks great. But…refer to PYO Cookies for further explanation.

The best way of making PYO (paint-your-own) cookies, is stenciling a gray color of royal icing or just white on white instead--without airbrushing. No fading. No bleeding. No frustration. Professional.

Another cookie decorating technique is airbrushing portraits on cookies. Intriguing? I’ll upload a video on that as soon as I can.

Has this page helped you? If you have learned something, please consider sharing this page. I do appreciate it and it helps me to continue helping you, for free. Thank you!

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