Decorating sugar cookies...hop on the cookie train!

Everyone loves sugar cookies.

Hi. I’m Nita.

I would love the opportunity to take you by the hand and lead you through every detail of cookieing. That’s right. A-Z, from the newest of newbies to the serious professional owning a cookie business.

Finding a site with all of this information, pictures, tutorial videos, downloads, etc. by one artist is unheard of—until now…

Ready to move on to a rewarding life of making people happy every day? Let’s go!

Hop with us on the We Cookiers cookie train. It'll be a rewarding and fun ride.

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What does this website,, have to offer?

Everything the cookie train says above, PLUS:

·         choose from some fabulous sugar cookie recipes along with sugar cookie icing recipes

·         learn the tips and tricks of baking them

·     learn to decorate from beginner to the more advanced ‘pro’

Have you experienced scenarios like this?

1.       The icing on my cookies runs off the edges.

2.       I have craters in the dried decorated cookie.

3.       Colors are bleeding into each other.

These problems, and much more are answered here.

Remember, I’m here to help you succeed in this venture!

As We Cookiers site expands, you can expect a whole community of cookiers to be chiming in and giving their advice, tips, tricks, techniques and exciting!

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Decorating sugar cookies...feeling the fulfillment as a business!

Before we delve into business. There is one key point to get your mind set right…


Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.

$$$   Simply put, you need to be paid as an artist. This is art. So price accordingly. I’ll go into pricing for decorated sugar cookies too.

After having a firm grasp on the decorating aspect, the desire to start your own sugar cookie business will ‘flood’ the mind, whether it’s full time or part time.

I’ve spent years being a professional cookier, along with selling thousands and thousands of decorated sugar cookies, quite literally.

Believe me, there is nothing quite like making that first work of art and having someone pay you money for it. Talk about gratification! That one time will spur you on to more greatness.

Guess what? As you journey with me, learn how to

·         set up a new cookie business (via home or brick and mortar)

·         promote that business in the early days

·         run a smooth business

·         promote your established business

·         deal with customers in awkward situations

Who knows? You may want to branch out from decorating to do cookie classes and/or cookie parties. Those are so fun to hold. They are very rewarding.

I’ll even provide downloads and videos for that!

No, you are not alone. I will be here every step of the way.

I will be sharing lots of sugar cookie techniques. You will also glean insight from my cookie decorating tips throughout this site.

Free downloads?


Let's kick it off with this FREE download!

Click on book image----------------->

It is sure to inspire as you begin this journey of cookieing. 

These are 250 of the greatest  motivational and inspirational quotes by Author Pepper Blair. They will keep you going as you progress in this creative adventure --any niche as far as that goes.

The video below gives you a teaser of what is in this ebook.

Onward to cookieing...


Decorating sugar cookies is fabulously addicting!

Wait. Possible roadblocks in decorating sugar cookies as a business

Just when you thought this would be a cake cookie walk... there are some important factors to take into consideration.

For instance:

  • Are there cottage laws?
  • Is a commercial kitchen needed?
  • What about sales tax?
  • Are there tax liabilities?
  • Are there copyright laws?

Cottage Laws image found on home page of WeCookiers.comCottoge laws image

Don’t let these items snatch a dream away.

Knowing answers to questions like these will ease your mind.

There are guidelines for help along the way.

I will have loads of information as well as answering important questions like these.

Know also that sugar cookieing can be quite expensive. There’s simply no end to what neat gadgets to buy, whether because they are just fun or will save some serious time in the kitchen.

You won’t need a lot to get started though, thankfully.

Really just the basics, like a toothpick instead of an icing scribe tool/icing needle tool. Even using a napkin or paper towel on a smooth surface can take the place of a cookie turntable. There’s lots of shortcuts!

The longer you decorate sugar cookies the more tools you want. That also is addicting!

Added benefits of using for sugar cookies

Who loves watching cookie decorating videos?

Clipart of girl raising hand

I just saw your hand.

By happy chance, I will be uploading a great many of those videos that share my own techniques and how I decorate different shapes to give inspiration.

Oh, and let’s not forget about all the pictures of finished decorated sugar cookies for more inspiritment! Like these...

inspiration of barnyard animal sugar cookies
Horse head cookies using a unicorn cutter. Flip cutters
Leopard print name on cookie plaque cutter at
Decorated Christmas bulb cookies. Found on home page at WeCookiers.

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What makes me an authority? Click here to go to About Nita to learn more.

In fact, most anyone can bake, decorate, and sell sugar cookies.

I have years of experience with thousands and thousands of sold cookies behind me.

It is such an honor to be commissioned by big companies and organizations.

For instance, Pisces IV, the global unveiling banquet for the world renowned deep see diving submarine. The submarine “on the National Geographic supported William Beebe Expedition”. (As stated on

Pisces VI submarine cookie for world unveiling ceremony.

In case you missed it, I'm Nita.

I am excited to have you aboard!

Come. Let’s get started on all the aspects of baking and decorating sugar cookies…

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