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About Nita

This About Nita page tells you who I am, my experience in the art of baking and decorating sugar cookies, and what formed me to be an authority in this niche.

So, who am I?

First of all, I was an art major in school, ages ago now. I have always been bent toward anything to do with my hands that creates forms of art.

Like almost everyone else, I’ve long admired those decorated sugar cookie compilation videos.

I began with cake decorating. Many cookie decorators do both. I’m no exception.

The thought of drawing, painting, and decorating those wonderful shapes excited me. I knew I had to get into it!

I only share this short story to inspire you. With passion and effort, you can achieve great things also. I'm here cheering you on!

"Hopes and dreams are

fundamental assets."-Pepper Blair

About Nita: first works...

This is my first set of decorated sugar cookies.

It’s okay if you laugh. This was also before I landed the Best Sugar Cookie Recipe. It was alright but nothing to write home to momma about.

However, it does give light on how practice makes perfect (or much better).

I swore I would never in my life attempt decorating sugar cookies again. I chased around that icing running off the cookies for a couple of hours it seemed!

I've come a long way since these first decorated sugar cookies as a newbie years ago. Had so much to learn!
I've come a long way since these first decorated sugar cookies as a newbie years ago. Had so much to learn!
My own newbie cookies using glaze years ago. Notice the color bleed and lack of detail. Practice makes perfect!

These 3 pictures show the bleeding of colors, and air bubbles and the glaze was too runny. (Now is the time to get your hands on these Royal Icing Tips/Hacks free).

Speed ahead just one year. My cake business went crazy. Still, those video compilations and video tutorials for decorating sugar cookies kept taunting me.

I did the only right thing.

I tried again.

This time the ‘bug’ caught me. All the cookie-decorating ideas were 'flooding' my mind.

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This second try wasn't perfect. I still had some learning to do, but I knew I could excel in this journey.

Unfortunately, I only had a couple of handfuls of cookie cutters, so I had to rely on some for cookie cutter flips when I did get orders. Order cookie cutter from my shop here: Shop Gotta-havs!

After a year's experience, I was coming around. Still, glaze was my enemy. Only royal icing for me now!
Penguin winter scene cookies. Homemade fondant figures.

I was coming along as a cookie artist but still had not mastered the icing consistency. Still too fluid and I was afraid of going too close to the edge.

*Today instead of glaze, which some cookie artists use (or by law, have to use), I use my trusty Superior Royal Icing Recipe--you'll love it!

Update on Sugar Cookie Glaze Recipe

I knew I had what it took when I made my first sale from these penguin cookies. I just needed more practice on consistency. From then onward, I was addicted. I made my cookie business as strong, if not stronger than the cake side. I stay booked months out now.

I have truly been blessed by my customers as well as a community who opened their arms and hearts to me when I was a new citizen in their town.

I would like to pay all that kindness forward. Now it's your turn! 

I believe kindness is addicting. I want to see you achieve your goals and dreams in this industry too.

You see, isn't just about Nita, it's about YOU!

About Nita: experience...

This leads us up to my experience.

As word of mouth grew at great speed, I began decorating cookies for counties around me, then states around me.

I found myself fulfilling orders for places like

Hampton Inn…(100th anniversary)

Cookie order for Hampton Inn's 100th anniversary.Hampton Inn


K-State cookies (commissioned by K-State)***Please note. I am commissioned by Polytechnic K-State. Otherwise, it would be illegal by breaking copyright laws to sell them…
Commissioned order from K-State

Decorated sugar cookies for K-State

K-State cookies for their outreach meeting


Brown's Shoe Fit Company cookiesBrown's Shoe Fit Company
Hutton surveying cookiesHutton Land Surveyors

…other colleges and schools…

Central Christian College cookiesCentral Christian College
Elyria Christian school cookiesElyria Christian School

People began asking for me to do classes. So, I did. I started teaching workshops and classes.

This led to children’s birthday parties, mom and daughter parties, teen parties, and so on.

About Nita: why I am an authority in this field...

I would say my biggest achievement as a cookie decorator is the Pisces VI global unveiling ceremony.

What is Pisces VI? 

Pisces VI is the deepest diving privately owned submarine in the world” (As stated on It has assisted in expeditions for National Geographic, Hollywood films, scientific research, etc. It dives to 8300 feet!

This site is about decorating sugar cookies so I’ll get back on track.

I was commissioned to do a couple of thousand cookies—that’s right 2,000—for the global unveiling banquet that brought in world leaders.

It was quite an honor and very humbling.

Pisces VI cookies for the world's unveiling ceremony
Pisces VI cookie image for the world's unveiling ceremony.
Pisces VI unveiling ceremony cookies
The Pisces VI submarine and crew members

Pisces VI unveiling: the ceremony, sugar cookies, submarine, and crew members

Gift boxed Pisces VI cookies for the world's unveiling ceremony.
Preparing cookies for the Pisces VI unveiling ceremony.Part of the order

The rest About Nita...

There was one piece of the puzzle missing…

I decided to start a website—not just any website, but one which teaches the very basics of baking cookies to pro-level decorating. With that, enable you to build a successful, smooth, and profitable sugar cookie business.

My aim for is to do just that! Bonus…to develop a community of all levels of cookieing where you can always come and ask questions.

This brings you up to the present. I have since started another side. I present to you Shop Gotta-havs! 

This growing shop provides special tools and supplies for cookie artists. From my unique and instant download digital royal icing transfers to physical cookie products sent to you.

Thank you so much for reading the About Nita page.

I look forward to being here for you and seeing the progress you make in this exciting cookie world journey.

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