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How to make professional cookies. See jaws drop!

How to make professional cookies is easier than you think.

There’s no need to flip back and forth between different sites and YouTube videos. This site is loaded with all the information you need. The all-in-one place, all the while building you a smooth and profitable cookie business.

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First, start with beautiful sugar cookies that are baked and cooled.

Baked cookies with no icing or decorating. Be a We Cookie and start learning from newbie level at

To make your sugar cookies professional, I divided the subject into 7 easy-to-follow pages:

  1. this page...mediums of cookie icings, tips, and videos (videos coming soon)
  2. best baking sheets with more tips and hacks for sugar cookies

    3. best sugar cookie recipe

    4. how to bake sugar cookies

    5. sugar cookie icing recipe

    (or glaze recipe)

    6. royal icing flooding

    7. sugar cookie decorating techniques

How to make professional cookies…mediums, tips, and videos

The recipes are the most important ‘ingredient’ for successful and professional cookies.

You will need to choose one of these for decorating...

Image to make you be aware of cottage laws in your state if you want to know how to make professional cookies.Do you have cottage laws in your state?

Some states have changed cottage laws. For some, you may not be able to use meringue powder (powdered egg whites) or egg whites. Therefore, you will need to be aware of your state's laws.

If this is the case and you want the royal icing detail look, you will need to go with a sugar cookie glaze. No worries. I have you covered!

About cookie glaze icing.

When I started decorating sugar cookies, I went straight for the glaze. It was the easiest and least amount of ingredients.

Glaze cookie icing was 'okay'. However, in my experience, after using it for an entire year, I found it was...

  • susceptible to color-bleed 
  • hard to manipulate
  • gel food colors did not want to develop
  • colors were not as deep, bright, or rich
  • hard to achieve the right consistency, especially stiff
  • took so long to dry


I found It!!! I know you have no ideas what I found.

A great glaze recipe that is a close second to royal icing! Click here for the free recipe: Sugar Cookie Glaze Recipe

About royal icing (sugar cookie icing).

In my quest for how to make professional cookies, I switched to royal icing. I was quite nervous because I read it was a nightmare to make and how temperamental it is to work with.

I thought, 'If that's the case, why are there so many cookie artists using it?'

Perhaps I simply got lucky the first go around. With some tweaks, I found the perfect recipe for royal icing.

This royal icing recipe is so amazing. I have named my recipe 'Superior Royal Icing', and there is a reason. It is...

  • stable
  • delicious
  • easy
  • fast to make
  • crusts fasts
  • soft to the bite
  • easy to use flavoring with
  • easy to manipulate
  • great with gel food colors or concentrated powder colors

Oh, let's not forget stackable and shippable. I've done it many times.

This recipe is sure to impress!


The flavor is stupendous. This sugar cookie icing is easily interchangeable with your favorite extract flavorings. I've never had it fail me. Not once.

One thing I love about it is that it decreases the chances of color-bleed.

What is color-bleed?

It's a nasty little culprit that makes colors fade into each other. It's too much to cover on this page, but grab the free 2 page download I created for tips to guard against this problem. It's in the next paragraph.

***Refer to Royal Icing Flooding for addressing these problems. I also have a great free 2-page download on exhaustive tips every pro needs: Royal Icing Tips.

About buttercream.

How to make professional cookies isn't just for royal icing or glaze. Buttercream is a tasty alternative. It adds something special to cookies. (Follow the buttercream link for 2 free downloads)

The flavor and texture are undeniably delicious.

Just keep in mind you won't be able to achieve the fine detail that you do with royal icing or glaze.

But mmmm does it ever taste dreamy on my sugar cookies.

Cookies frosted with buttercream instead of royal icing

About fondant.

Decorating sugar cookies with fondant? Sure! It can give a beautiful effect on sugar cookies.

Because you mostly use a cookie cutter to cut the fondant and place it in the same size and shape as the cutout cookie, the edges are true and sharp.

You can get special impression molds to give texture.

There are also stamps you can buy for the fondant.

To zazz up the fondant for more decorating, you can always use royal icing transfers from the royal icing transfer sheets/templates. You can get unique templates that I created myself here: Shop Gotta-havs!

The problem I see with fondant is there are a lot of people who don't like the taste and/or texture of it. If you do want to use it for a customer, make sure and ask them first.

A few pros are:

  • easy to work with
  • little cleanup
  • can use fondant with royal icing
  • a very neat and sharp appearance

Decide which of these mediums you would like to go with.

Since royal icing is most synonymous with sugar cooking decorating, I will be centering on that for this site.

How to make professional sugar cookie recipe, how to bake sugar cookies, and baking sheets

The Ultimate, Best, Most Delicious Sugar Cookie Recipe for Decorating that sells fast! Truly. This recipe is...

  • easy
  • quick
  • delicious
  • perfect for cut-out sugar cookies
  • soft

It won't spread when baked, bakes completely flat for perfect decorating, and the dough or baked cookies can be frozen for many months. 

Oh...and it makes customers extremely happy!

*Get these super tips on How to Bake Sugar Cookies. Baking cookies is easy enough, sure. However, you are bound to learn some great time-saving tips, so check it out!

Image link to the best sugar cookies!

Honestly, you would have to look high and low to find a recipe that would top this one for sugar cookies.

If you would like to skip ahead and go to Royal Icing Flooding directions, click this link.

If you want a bunch of questions answered about edible cookie images and how-to videos, click on this page: Edible Cookie Images

How to make professional're ready!

"The brightest tomorrows were lit yesterday."—Pepper Blair

How to make professional cookies depends on a great variety of things. The decorating part incorporates items such as:

You now have the background and all the tips. Just click on each of the page links. Each page will bring you right back to this one so you won't lose your place.

Here are some decorated sugar cookies with different techniques to inspire you. Enjoy.

How to make professional cookies...

Image of the popular cow print cookies I created. wet on wet technique
Wet-on-wet technique making flames, image
Round cookies decorated with pretty border and wet-on-wet technique
Plain white round cookie with a woody- leafed boarder
Showing the base coat icing dried with a border and wet-on-wet technique
Dried base coat with border and roses in the middle of the flowers
Corgi puppies using water color technique
Showing water color technique for geometric designs
Kitty cookies using watercolor technique, image
Showing water colored feather cookies

-Airbrushing/Airbrushing with Stencils

Airbrushed rainbow cookies
Airbrushed baby girl shower onsies
Airbrushed thank you cookies
Airbrushed fishing themed cookies
Airbrushed Christmas stockings
Four airbrushed pumpkins
Snowman inside a globe cookie shape, airbrushed
Fun pumpkin faces drawn on by food markers.
Fun pumpkin faces drawn on by food markers.

Click on this cookie to go to Food Color Markers page:

Cookie with name written with food color marker

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