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Graduation sugar cookies that'll earn your degree as an artist

Graduation sugar cookies are a huge hit at graduation parties.  

The above video is perfect as a table centerpiece to show off your congrats to the tassel-holder.

Here also is my fun video of a graduation set for a girl. A customer sent an inspiration picture, so the set is not my idea...

Graduation sugar cookies are not messy like cupcakes with crumbs and leaving part of the cupcake stuck in the liner. Nope, every morsel of these cookies will be gone fast.

Here is what you can expect to see on this page:

-graduation sugar cookies video (above)

-graduation cookie cutter flips, with a video


-other graduation cookies to offer

Okay, let's hustle into action...

Want to cause a stir with these flipped graduation sugar cookies?

If you are a free member of WeCookiers, then you see in my monthly periodicals in your email that I love cookie cutter flips! Here are 3 graduation cookie cutter flips with a video tutorial under the text below...

This image shows 3 cutters, a wedding dress, an engagement ring, and band-aid cutters flipped to graduation sugar cookies. The wedding dress made into 2 designs of tassels, the ring to a balloon, and the band-aid to a plaque cookie.

1. On the wedding dress, after it is cut out, simply cut off the wider part of the skirt on both sides. You won't need to cut off much. Use your imagination for decorating. These tassels are the first thing that popped into my mind.

2. After the engagement ring is cut out, turn it upside down and cut off a sliver of each side by the diamond, so it doesn't stick out. Decorate the balloon with their graduation colors. You can add a name, year, congrats, etc. on the balloon.

3. This one will be morphed. Take a band aid or stick cutter. Cut out the shape. Take a mini pentagon cutter and cut out a cookie. Take the pentagon shape and cut out the top of the stick cutter. From here, slightly wet the inside edges OR the bottom edges of the pentagon. Put it together like a puzzle. Make sure the edges touch well but do not distort the shape. The water will react like glue when the cookie is baked.

Bake them on the Best Baking Sheets.

Flood them perfectly with Royal Icing (or glaze--free download)

Decorate with your own creativity!

Make sure to get a free copy of my hack list for royal icing so you do not make the mistakes I did. This is an exhaustive list that I am presently offering for free with no sign up. It will be added to my shop before long so grab it now on Royal Icing Tips.

This photo is taken from a set of graduation sugar cookies I decorated for a girl. It has flowers at the bottom by the tassel.*cutter is from SweetLeigh on Etsy

Graduation sugar cookies can steal the show from the prominent and beautiful cake. If you have the right (and delicious) sugar cookie recipe--grab the recipe my customers crave for free--grads will eat these cookies up like lightning!

Let's get you my SUPERIOR royal icing (also called sugar cookie icing) if you haven't already downloaded it already. Once you make it, you will see why it is superior to other recipes. It outlines, floods, and makes fine details and flowers that hold their shape perfectly. Once the icing is dry, you can stack the bagged cookies, and even ship them!

If you want an alternative to this icing, I tried several glaze recipes online. One that stands above the others is this one. I've made it also into a free download for you. When I have to make icing due to allergies, this is the one I now use.

Do you have winning graduation sugar cookies? Celebrate with these inspo cookies

These cookies below were created using edible cookie images of the old cars and the local bulldog mascot on the diplomas and caps.

The image is a set of graduation sugar cookies for a college. The old cars and the mascots on the diplomas and caps are edible images.

With these delightful graduation sugar cookies, I used an airbrush for the footballs and a cookie projector for the writing. See the cookie projector I use here, with the pros and cons.

For the fine writing, I used edible food color markers. I wrote a page on a 7-comparison test of different markers. See it here.

This sporty graduation sugar cookies theme includes an airbrushed football. The lettering is accomplished with a cookie projector.

I'm crazy about the Nomeca brand edible markers. I'm literally in my 5th year of using the original set I bought through Amazon. It's crazy. So well worth it, as well as very affordable for 13 long markers! 

Here's the link to these great markers:

Food Coloring Marker Pens, Nomeca 10Pcs Food Grade Edible Markers Food Writers for Decorating Fondant, Cakes, Cookies, Easter Eggs Painting Drawing Writing - Flexible Brush Tip, 10 Colors
9.5/10 WeCookier's Golden Cookie Award!
  • 10 Vivid Colors: This food markers set including all the primary colors you need: Black, Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Fuchsia, Bright Pink, Dark Blue and Orange
  • Safe and Edible: Nomeca food grade edible markers were made with Food grade edible ink, non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, won't alter the taste
  • Flexible Brush Tip Design: Soft brush tip enables flexible to drawing lines. Use the tip's tapered point to create thin lines; Brush down for thicker lines. Easy to painting, sketching, doodling and shading. (Remember to cover the caps after use)
  • Widely Use: Can be used on most smooth dry surfaces, such as marshmallows, fondant, cookies. Do NOT write on cake pops, candy melts and chocolates or any fat based product
  • Kids Friendly: Safe, easy and fun to use, enables children to decorate the food as they want, provide a safety way for painting and drawing
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

Another technique for graduation sugar cookies is to add royal icing transfers. You will thank yourself immensely to pipe a bunch of caps, gowns, diplomas, etc. and have them ready to pop on the cookies. Get your royal icing sheet transfers in my shop here: Shop Gotta-havs!

These yellow graduation cap cookies were piped with just 3 decorating tips, including the flower! Airbrushing was also used.

The image reflects graduation sugar cookies in the shape of a cap. They are beautiful yellow with shadows of gold and a yellow rose with green leaf to top it off.

In all my years as a professional sugar cookie artist, I've concluded that the three main pieces of equipment that are an absolute must for decorating are a cookie projector, an airbrush system, and an edible image copier. They help take your ordinary cookies to pro-level instantly.

Customers have become quite astute when looking for cookie decorators. They have come to expect the artist to have decorating equipment like these. Afterall, it shows quality and professionalism.

If you have been thinking about purchasing these items, be sure to click on these links for further reading:

-airbrushing sugar cookies (your questions answered)

-projector for cookies (pros and cons to the one I have)

-edible image copier (Q&A with a breakdown of my experiences)

This photo shows graduation sugar cookies with a lot of gold airbrushing in the background. The maroon gives them a nice popping effect.Airbrushed gold background and piped maroon color

Other graduation cookies ideas...

Here are some cookie ideas you may not be thinking of for grad orders:

The beauty of my sugar cookie recipe is that it is versatile. Make whatever flavor of emulsion you have. They turn out fantastic EVERY. TIME.

Have a variety of flavors made up of cookie dough discs. Cut out so many of each flavor and decorate them. This takes more work, so of course you will need to charge the customer more accordingly. If you do this, make sure the flavors are separated too. This alone will bring you in more $$$.

Are you charging what you are worth? Find out on this page: Price for Decorated Sugar Cookies.

Have you ever made those lovely French macaron cookies? Mmmm, yummy! 

Okay, I confess, I have never given these a go. But I do find them delicious! If this is up your line, perhaps you could offer them along with the graduation sugar cookies. Those little rascals are so popular and always a hit as well at parties. You could offer a mix of both! Did I hear cha-ching again?

I said I had never made them before. However, oh the blogs I've read and the videos I've watched! 

One person I like following is Mimi with Indulge with Mimi. She has a superb page about making professional French macaron cookies. Check it out here if you are interested:

Father's Day is around the corner. Hop over to my page on creative ideas with cookie-cutter flips to celebrate him. Video too included. 

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Father’s Day Cookie Ideas image link

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